The Handmades Sale 2018

The Handmades Sale 2018
Friday November 30, 2 – 7
Saturday December 1, 10 – 5

Casey’s Pub/Knights of Columbus Council 364
2200 S Meadowbrook Road, Springfield IL

Alison’s Stained Glass
Daisy Bags
Cydne LaBonte
Lydia Puddicombe
Felicia Olin
Hooey Batiks
Zanne Avenue Jewelry
Piper Pottery + Crafts
Kim Caisse Art
Manhattan Leather Design
James Escher, poet
Christy! Studios – artwork by Christy Freeman
Meghan Reese Art Studios
Kristin DiehlAttention Deficit Design
Jeff Curtis Williams
Amanda Hutchinson LobmasterBella Rhys Designs Unique Lampwork Jewelry

Guest artists
Red Ember Forge – Jewelry
fine blank books
Melissa Zeigler Monroe
M. E. Tumulty, Artist
Amy “hinged jewelry” Taylor
Jan Boucher
Pratt Woodworks
Vince Merriman Art Creations
Staci Sterenberg Mosaics
Cory Mccrory
Magpie Designs
Vinnie Sutherland Metalwork
Eric Craddock Photography
Brock Eddleman Gathered Illusions